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Award winning mesotherapy serums applied deep into the skin using microneedling for all your face and body concerns

Pure Serum - A balance of collagen and hyaluronic acid to repair and restructure lax skin on the face, neck and decolatage

Slim Serum - lypolytic and anticellulite formula to tackle localised fat accumulation to the neck, arms, stomach, buttocks, hips and thighs

Body Serum - tightening and firming formula for the double chin, neck and decolatage
Vitamin Serum - Special formulation of 70 vitamins and minerals to revitalize the skin. Can be mixed with the pure serum for the ultimate treatment
White Skin Serum - increased freshness and glow to the skin with a reduction in age spots and hyperpigmentation

Treatment: Double cleanse, numbing cream, re-cleanse, serum application, microneedling, moisturiser   

Single Treatment  £60
Course of 4 treatments  £200
Course of 6 treatments  £300

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