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Aesthetic Treatments

Line Relaxing Injections

1 Area     £130

2 Areas   £180


3 Areas   £220

Botox is a very watered down toxin that is injected into the muscles to reduce, or even stop movement.
This stops visible lines appearing and getting worse.  The injections are almost painless and the results can be seen from around 3 days after injections. After 2 weeks the Botox is fully settled and can then be topped up, free of charge, to achieve your desired look.


Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid injections that are placed under the skin to boost volume and create shape. They are ideal of creating fuller cheeks, a more pronounced chin or softening lines around the mouth. Stylage fillers are used as they are extremely high quality and very long lasting.

Cheeks (2x1ml)  £300
Nasolabial 1ml    £150
Marionettes 1ml £150
Lips 0.5ml   £120
Lips 1ml  £150

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